First blog, by me, from WordPress

Having seemed to be getting the hang of blogging I realised that iWeb was going to be dropped by Apple later in the year. So I either had to find a host and continue to use iWeb or move to another provider. Yes that’s what I did in the end. Moved over to WordPress. Trouble is everything that I had learnt on the other system is of little use here. Another learning curve. Still it’ll keep me occupied for a while. The main thing is I have to master it before our trip to the USA in September.

Let’s try to add a photo —-

Well that seemed to work although I added lots of detail prior to import I’m not sure where it has gone?

Certainly having problems trying to get text to wrap around pictures. I seem to be able to place a picture exactly where I want it (well left, middle or right) and get the guide to indicate that text is supposed to be “wrapping” however, that does not seem to be the case. Now it could be me! Or it may be that those using these sort of programmes are not too interested in the detail. Ok Ok I’ll go on looking to see if I can sort it out.

The other thing that is difficult is that the final page is completely different to the page that things are set up on. Don’t understand why that should be. Surely the page/template should be that same so that you get things placed as you want them.

Of course there is another solution. Draft it all out in Word and then paste it in pictures and all. Maybe I’ll try that tomorrow.


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2 Responses to First blog, by me, from WordPress

  1. traveller858 says:

    Not sure you know what you’re doing yet?

  2. norksnorris says:

    Won’t be long and you’ll be teaching me how to edit and use my blog on wordpress properly.

    Keep it up dad and look forward to hearing all your holiday stories

    Kate xxx

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