Lets see what we can achieve today.

I think I ought to concentrate more on writing the blog than getting worried about fitting text and pictures together. If all else fails then a picture set alone with some writing about interesting issues will be enough. As I’ve said before the reason for blogging is to allow family and friends to follow my travels more than anything else.

So, rather tongue in cheek, my travels will start today by going to the shops (Tesco) and doing the weekly grocery shopping. Just in case you don’t realise this is not Tesco’s car park. It is in fact downtown Timbuktu shot during one of my visits to the country of Mali. Heh! Get this the text is actually wrapping around the picture. Now how did I manage that. Perhaps I ought to stick to just blogging in the mornings as that seems to be when the machine is behaving as I want it to.



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My interests are travel and photography within the UK and abroad. I also love ALL things .
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