Trying out “Raw” photos

Now that I have started blogging I can see the benefits of attaching photos. My problem or fear is that using “RAW” photos will take up too much space of my allocation on the Web. Still not sure I’ve answered that yet but will see how this post affects my total Mb at the moment. Of course it could be that the photos are automatically reduced in quality for just that reason. Ok. I know it’s early days yet and these types of questions are likely to seem silly but they do seem of vital importance to me.

This shot was taken on Kidderminster railway station, the Severn Valley Railway platform, where they were staging scenes from Wartime England. I must say that a day spent travelling up and down this line on steam trains is well worth trouble. It must also be remembered that you can hop on and off to your hearts content thus mixing town visits with nostalgia (I guess that bit only applies if you are old enough to remember). Anyway I’ll finish with a shot through the window (sorry for reflection) from the moving train.

Stunning! The really amusing thing about this shot was the guard came down through the train to warn everyone that this scene was about to take place. Can’t see that happening on the 08:30 from Reading to London!!!!!

If I can now go back to the reason for this post in the first place. It does seem that I will be able to use my RAW photos as posts. The resolution is adjusted on the upload. This is great because it means I can merrily carry on using my “proper” camera, selecting from it’s library, rather than taking more shots on a compact or phone camera just to be able to add to blogs.

Wow I’m learning new stuff every  day.


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