Wet Wet Day

What better on a very wet day than to try and conjure up a feeling of happiness and maybe even a little longing. So I thought I would put together a few pictures from around the world. Not in any particular order or preference just shots that I like. Where possible I will add a brief reference.

Steam - On the Severn Valley Railway.

This shot is just one of many that evokes in my mind the feeling of stepping back in time. Everyone, it seems, that takes part in the running of this railway line does so because they are committed enthusiasts and thoroughly enjoy what they are doing. I guess from my perspective they are also privileged to be allowed to look after our heritage in such an enjoyable way.

The line itself runs from Kidderminster to Bridgnorth  http://www.svr.co.uk/ with stops on the way. I suppose it takes the best part of an hour to travel from one end to the other. However, by far the best approach is to “hop on” and “hop off” along the route which allows you to explore some of the interesting features to be found. In reality I guess you would need a full day to do it justice. The other fascinating thing is that it appeals to old and young alike. At least it appears to.

Well done Severn Valley Railway.

Time to move on to the next away day. Now where shall we go?

Shopping in the centre of Cardiff - alongside the new Malls.

How about popping over the “bridge” (either will do) and spending some time in Cardiff. Of course I am taking it that everyone lives in the South of England – hence the over the “bridge” reference.

Cardiff is such a wonderful city to visit. It packs in so much that you begin to wonder how it manages to remain so vibrant and yet stay ahead in these troubled times. It mixes old and new stores which seem to sell everything from bespoke suites to fantastic delis (see right) M&S and most important of all an Apple Store. All these shops seem to be part of a truly enjoyable shopping experience as there are the brand new malls alongside the high street shops and then you have the arcades, full of surprises.

Of course as well as all of this at the “top of the town” you have the castle. Worth a visit in its own right.

Well that’s just two places to enjoy. More to come!


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