Ok so where were we last? Ah! Yes! Indianapolis. And almost next the home of Ford (Detroit). Sorry to disappoint though there are no photos of the wonderful day spent at the factory (where they were actually producing F150’s) nor the museum as photographs were banned (well at the factory and I didn’t then have the camera with me!!!).

I can certainly recommend anyone who visits Detroit to take a day out and visit the Henry Ford. The simplest of visits will take a morning but if you have children then plan on being there all day or even more. There is just so much to see and do.

Indianapolis deer artwork

The next place on the tour was Toledo, Ohio. So much was expected of this stopover that it all came to an anticlimax. The town was modern and clean, as have all places on this visit, but it just lacked — well people or traffic or something. It didn’t help that the weather had turned cold and had become overcast. Still that just didn’t help the feeling of sadness that pervaded the town.

Toledo inhabitants!

The most upsetting part of this stay was the fact that there was a motor raceway just 150m away from the hotel that was staging a meeting —- but the day after our visit!!!! Grrrrr.

Anyway up and off early the next day on  route for Detroit. Although only an hour or so away it was thought best to get to the Ford Factory early on the Saturday as they didn’t do visits on the Sunday. By golly what a good idea that was. It was by far the most impressive “organised” visit I have been on in a very long time and one that I would recommend to anyone visiting the area. (Sorry no photos though).

Sunday saw a beautiful walk along the waters edge. Detroit council have spent a great deal of money organising and building a superb waterside walkway that offers great views of the “tall” buildings of the city, Detroit with grasslands in foregroundcoupled with large areas of marshland that throws up so much wildlife that it’s hard to believe you are in a city environment. Of course the other shock is that you are looking across to Canada. All the buildings across the waterway “in another Country”.

Canada across the water from Detroit.

Now, just so we don’t create an imbalance the next visit was to the “Chrysler” museum. This was nowhere near as big a museum as the Ford one but at least it showed a potted history of Chrysler. (there are some photos).

A Chrysler

Am I missing something? There is a similarity to the new Bentley - isn't there? But many years earlier.

Being shipped home - I wish!


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  1. Paul says:

    As you say its unbelievable that that is Canada just over there!

    Suppose tou can’t just pop across in a dingy and stay for a bit?

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