Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Here we are in another town. This time Grand Rapids, Michigan. On arrival the weather had at last turned out to be reasonably sunny. Not like the drive over from Detroit which had seen very heavy rain for most of the two plus hours that it took.

Grand Rapids is just getting set for a large “Arts” festival lasting 2 to 3 weeks. Everywhere you go in the town you will see large outdoor statues or works

Art work in the park! Probably close to 2m tall.

of art being erected and in most stores, cafes and bars there will some sort of exhibition being staged. Some I must add seem very good others —- well you can guess. However, they do select a winner by a process of public votes being cast via “smart phones” to a special code.

Here I think it right to say that the hotel is first class (J W Marriott) and the room on the 22nd floor offers a wonderful view of the river itself.

View from 22nd floor of J W Marriott

Art work in the park









The problem was on opening the curtains the first morning. There was nothing to see but a solid (metaphorically speaking) white wall of fog. Even the news was running announcements about school start times being delayed by at least 2 hours to give the fog time to lift. But as with most things the afternoon turned into a lovely balmy and very sunny period in deed.



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