Back after what seems like an age. It really is so easy to just “not” post anything. So anyway, here goes with a few more words and a couple of photos (maybe).

I titled this blog iOS5 because that seems to be what I have spent my time “messing” with according to those near to me. Anyone that knows me will confirm that I am a total and utter convert to anything apple . You name it I expect I have it, probably one of the first models/versions as well. I upgrade software as soon as it is out and then spend hours making sure that “ALL” my devices sync and that wherever I am I am sure to be up to date. Obsessive? Yes just a bit. Anyway, that just gives you a glimpse of the mind set I am in when it comes to Apple . So after, what seemed to be, a long wait for the arrival of iOS5 it finally launched on the 12 October. Never to be left out I started my download only to realise just how slow my connection speed was (hotel in Greece) when the time to download showed 3hours. I retired to bed, getting up every hour to check on progress. Well once downloaded of course you then have to go through the process of updating the files on the laptop in this case. You can imagine I’m sure that I didn’t get too much sleep that night.

Madness to have all this stuff 

All that was just a simple first phase to my overall upgrade as, on my return home, I needed to go through the process another time for the desktop, Macbook, Macbook air, iPad, iPhone and iTV. Still I got there and thought I can now start making the most of all the new and special features. The one big thing that had everyone talking about was iCloud the new auto storage of all your stuff in one place. Great, everything I had read about it seemed the make sense as I have been a user of their (Apple) iDisk which seemed to work in a very similar way. Ok. Are you all still with me? This is where the countless hours of switching this on, sending that, toggle this and move that comes to be a total obsession. The more you think you have an understanding of the system than it lets you down. Some of it is that we are in the early days of the launch and there are hundreds of thousands out there, just like me, trying out all these things. Trouble is I believe our brains and knowledge works, at times, faster than the systems we are trying to use. Impatience is my biggest failing and when I press a button on one machine and it doesn’t change immediately on the other I start looking for the reason and what I have done wrong. It gets so bad that I have, within a few moments, changed things many times and then back again so that even I am unsure what stage I am at. If only I took it a little more slowly, had a cup of coffee, then returned to see what had happened. Generally, I expect most things would have been as I first thought they would be.

All that moves us over to “iCloud” this grand auto everything, almost. Well, the fact is that only some of what is claimed actually works as described. I believe there has been a picture created in the advertising blurb that is not quite as accurate as the image it creates in your mind. OK that may just in my mind as I knew what I wanted or expected I guess. Anyway, if you only have iPhones, iTouches and iPads then you are going to absolutely love the iCloud. However, if you then mix in desktops (iMac) and laptops (Macbook and Macbook air) which I suspect you will you then really do have to get down and dirty as it doesn’t auto sync back to and from those. Any file that you open directly in iOS5, work on then close down will auto save back to the iCloud (when connected via wifi). You can then go to that file from your desktop and see the latest version. However, there is no means (that I can see at the moment) to auto save any changes.

Document and file saving across other formats (Microsoft) is claimed to be simple as you just drag the file into the iCloud iWorks folder. In part that is correct. Drag an excel file from your desktop to iWorks-numbers folder and, yes, it transfers. However, it is pretty useless as you can’t open it unless you access it via a device with iOS5 installed on it. This then opens it and allows you to amend as necessary. Simply closing out to auto save back to iCloud. Now open this file, as you can, when you get home on the desktop and make more changes. Try to save it!!!! Doesn’t work that way. As I said earlier – get down and dirty and save it to your desktop then drag it into the iCloud again from where you can go around the cycle again.

So, what started off as uncertainty on my part as to what to blog seems to have got into a bit of anorak stuff. Sorry about that. I’m sure I’ll be OK in the end. Well once the “developers” have had a little more time to pull it all together. At the moment it just seems like a large division between the two systems – it’s just that they claimed they were bringing them together. Farther apart at the moment from my perspective.

However on that note I will leave you by saying that Apple is by far the best system out there 

Take care all of you.

Oh! Sorry not too many pictures. Next time maybe.


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