Communications over the years.

It is hard to believe that only 10 years ago communicating with loved ones back home whilst away on overseas visits was extremely difficult and often impossible. Yes, I agree there were times and places that made it possible but then the chances were that it was extremely expensive or very poor connections.

At the turn of the century (now that’s an evocative phrase) mobile phones were becoming popular and most travellers carried them. However, signal strength was limited to around the cities or large towns, meaning that it was pot luck where and when you could receive a call. In deed some countries had such poor coverage that it has been known to rent a satellite phone to provide backup when off the beaten track.

Of course back then the phone was simply a means of talking to someone whilst on the move. Now of course we have the means to not only speak to loved ones but keep them up to date with photos, video clips, text messages and emails. All from what is termed a mobile phone. More like a computer that fits in your pocket.

I think that the convenience and usefulness of the mobile phone perhaps peaked about two years ago. It was then possible to keep in touch at a reasonable cost, not be limited by download and upload amounts and not be annoyed by others talking very loudly on their phones totally unaware of those around them. Surely they don’t shout down a standard telephone – do they?

For a technophile like me the advent of mobile communication is a dream come true. Although I carry a most sophisticated mobile phone I leave the roaming and other communication switches turned off in an attempt to keep costs to a minimum. However, when I reach a “wifi” hot spot or internet point I then bring out my laptop and really get down to business. It is this link that makes all the difference to me and, to my mind, offers a far better method of communicating. Obviously not as portable but still a much better method.

I guess one of the most significant pieces of software that helps me communicate to loved ones is undoubtedly Skype. This seemingly simple application works and keeps working. Not only do I get the opportunity to talk but if I am linked to another computer I have the option of a visual link. What can be better especially when you are many thousands of miles away from home.

Enough for today and again no pictures. Sorry.

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