A strange subject title I must admit. However, during my travels, I invariably use this as a means of getting something done. It becomes part of a normal day and in places the only way people survive.

So there I was bouncing along on some rough road in Africa when I thought “what other terms are there for this process”. Now follows the list. Stick with it and please feel free to offer others that may come to your mind:-

Drop, Dash, Tip, Backhander, Brown Envelope, Bung, Bonus, Gift, Handout, Under the Table/Counter, Back Pocket, Gratuity, Thanks (thank you), Money for Nothing, Dip, Grease the Palm, Oil the Wheels, Slip, Sweetener, Black, Wedge, Bunce ——– add more if you feel like it.

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Baksheesh (from Persian bakhshidan[1]) is a term used to describe tipping, charitable giving, and certain forms of political corruption and bribery in the Middle East and South Asia. Leo Deuel sardonically described baksheesh as “lavish remuneration and bribes, rudely demanded but ever so graciously accepted by the natives in return for little or no services rendered.”[2]

So now we have a few words that cover this method of payment I move on to trying to find out what is considered as “approved forms of this payment”. Who gets it? Hair dresser, Waiter, Taxi driver, Barman, Porter, Guide and on and on.

Now, what about those that do not get it. Postman, Dustman, Street sweeper, Bus driver, shop assistant. What is the difference between these people? They are all offering a service and most come into contact with you at some point, although, perhaps some not as personally as others.

We’ve got the titles and who gets it but now comes the difficult part. Do the right people get it, does it go into a communal pot, is it legal, how much (5%, 10%, 20% or just something), is it exploitation on the part of the employer or us as the consumer, who actually deserves it. These are all questions that provoke thoughts in my mind as to why do we have to pay the extra anyway. Why not just pay a fair rate to start with.

Who do you pay. Let me know with your comments.


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2 Responses to Baksheesh

  1. norksnorris says:

    I always think of baksheesh as Pre-Service money, like a bribe that ensures we are looked after. Where as here tips tend to be after service and as a choice. So which countries have it right?

    • traveller858 says:

      Wow! Now that is another question all together. My problem is the uncertainty about who to give it to and how much. I don’t think I have those answers though.

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