The internet – it’s frustrations!

There seems to be no stopping me at the moment. Probably because I am stuck in a fairly unforgiving part of Africa and blogging offers a little respite. Now the title of this blog has been suggested to me so I thought I would make of it what I can.

Based generally in the UK my internet connections can be described as OK. Obviously that depends on the ISP at the time of use or where or what sort of connection I am trying to make. Anyway, for the sake of this article lets assume that the UK connections, both wifi and ethernet, are acceptable (OK I said for this article). On second thoughts they are no better at times than those you find when travelling. So lets lump them all together.

INTERNET CONNECTIONS. Or rather the frustrations that they cause.

In most instances we sit down at our computer and type in whatever it is we are supposed to be doing and then save and close out. Fine when in the office or at home. (Although I’m sure you will all recognise the pause before the save icon whatever it is on your PC finally accepts that the save has been carried out. On most company computers there will be a backup facility. In deed a great number of home location have the same if not better than at the office.) However, when you are travelling overseas things take on a considerably different feel. Internet connection speeds tend to range between OK and unacceptable. Not only that they vary from minute to minute and drop connections at the same rate. This is OK (sort of) if you have plenty of time available to you. The trouble is most travellers are limited to when and how much time they can spend to complete a link that includes down or up loads. Oh, I know it sounds easy from the office but believe me when it can take 30 minutes to down load simple emails, without attachments, one starts to get a tad frustrated. Of course things not always this difficult, sometimes you can’t download at all. The trouble is the sender or person demanding the information is only aware of the fact that “they sent it and therefore you must return a reply”. To those out there that fall into this category may I say — No, I have no words to fill this space.

Back to frustrations – why does the internet seem to work fine from home and yet with all the support available keeps blocking or crashing at work. Isn’t the generic work system minute compared to the system we use (btinternet from my perspective – probably many millions) Works systems are in the hundreds of users at most. Seems to be an imbalance somewhere.

More frustrations – when travelling the added problem is trying to find wifi hotspots to enable a reasonable connection. These are fairly easy to come by in built up areas within Europe but as you travel further afield they become less accessible and of a slower speed. In fact the savvy traveller carries his own wifi hub that allows the transfer of ethernet into wifi at almost any location. That doesn’t mean everything works without a hitch and in general one must accept that down and up load speeds suffer. Actually what suffers is the person trying to do a simple task – send an email, forward a letter or photograph, upload a backup of what you have been doing. That person takes on all these extra pressures and still makes (generally) the deadlines set by those who should know better.

I think the bottom line is the fact that the internet and communications links are the best things we have ever had. However, we expect more of those links than we ever have and they do not seem to be moving at the pace we expect then to. What does that add up to FRUSTRATION.

Take care one and all.



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3 Responses to The internet – it’s frustrations!

  1. norksnorris says:

    Dad, you forget….. there was no Internet when you first started working abroad when we were kids! We would be lucky if your remote hotels even had a phone line connection. Even then it was ‘dodgy’.

    The privilege of having everything ‘now’ only means we have more to complain about. God forbid we ever have to go back to pen and paper. I can cope without my iPhone.

    Hopefully you read this ‘at full speed’ 😉

    Love you xxx

    • traveller858 says:

      Oh so true. Pen and paper? Isn’t that what we give people for presents when we can’t think of anything else!! Read at leisure not full speed.

  2. norksnorris says:


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