Why so long since last post!

I guess the title said it all. Trouble is I just have no answer other than the usual – too busy, forgot, couldn’t be bothered (probably the closest), not sure what topic to write about, are people interested? Lots of words but no real answer. Anyway, for whatever reason here I am again although the interesting thing about this post is that I’ve just been messing about with my photographs and posted some to Flickr. Perhaps this is what prompted me to start a new post.

Back to my Flickr reference. I was looking through my photos of time spent in the USA. So I guess I may as well share some with you all. Now lets see – are there any with interest or a story attached.

Believe it or not this is taken on the very edge of the Grand Canyon.

Well this little guy was scurrying around the very edges of the Grand Canyon. Running all over the place then suddenly ran right up the top most              branches of the tree. What a view he had from up there.

In fact, from his perch he would have been able to look down into the Colorado River. That is if his eyes were good enough to see a mile down as that is how far the bottom of the canyon is away at that point.

As I said previously the distance down onto the valley floor is approximately 1 mile. Believe me it’s too much for your senses to come to terms with. Everywhere you look the horizon is perfectly flat with these wonderful and vast walls of coloured rock dropping down into the canyon below. If you spend a little time looking carefully it is possible to pick out walking trails that thread their way out and down. Now look a little closer and you may even see, what looks like ants, but are in fact people walking in the valley below. Always remember though. For every hour you walk down it will take you two to climb back up. Many have failed to realise this to their cost.



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