A visit to Snowshill Manor.

Another day out took us to Gloucestershire and the National Trust property of Snowshill Manor. (Post code WR12 7JU). This property belonged to Charles Paget Wade who spent a great deal of his time collecting so many varied things that they eventually took over completely. This will become very apparent as soon as you set foot through the front door.

The main house entrance.


On entry you will set out on a journey into another persons mind. There are so many things to see that it is difficult to believe one man was responsible for putting together such a collection.


The first room. Just a sampler of things to come.


One thing that you will need to adjust to is the low light. This follows in just about every room. However, it doesn’t in anyway detract from ones ability to enjoy so many splendid things. (a note to photographers – no flash is allowed although you are free to use the camera).











Just some of the instruments in his collection!

A portrait of the man himself. CharlesPaget Wade.


His bedroom. The curtains offer privacy from his bed. This room is in fact in an adjacent building as he had “filled” the main house until there was no room left.








Perhaps this blog will prompt a visit. If it does then an ideal stop for lunch would be the “Snowshill Arms” where you will be able to sample local ale and fine pub food.

That’s it for now.


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