USA 2012 – a tour through Central and Mid West USA. (Part 1)

This is my attempt to chronicle a fly drive holiday to the USA in September 2012. I am not sure how often each blog will be uploaded (this also depends upon suitable connections) nor the content at this stage. If you’re interested in following please feel free to press the link.

Day 1

Left home prompt at 12:30 in a very comfortable BMW 7 Series. Little did we think that this would be the most comfortable part of the next 17 hours before we were able to climb into bed at 05:00 (22:00 Denver time).

Picked up a pretty cool car from the Avis desk. An Infiniti FX35 (Nissan) with just about everything on it. At least that’s what it seemed in the dark and being very tired. I guess tomorrow will tell us more about it.


Up early as body clock is so out of sync that sleep is difficult. We are lucky as today is a fairly leisurely run of about 2 plus hours down (south) to Pueblo. Beautiful sunny day, with plenty of wafting clouds in the sky to make everything look wonderful.

The afternoon was spent on a very pleasant walk along or around “Arkansas River Walk”. Very impressive for a town that seems to have little other attractions.

Also interesting was the fact that normal streets that run off this walk can only be described as “caught in a time warp”. Goodness knows how the shops keep going with their eccentric mix of items for sale.






So that’s it for the first post of this trip. Keep watching for the next.


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