USA 2012 – a tour through Central and Mid West USA. (Part 2)

Day 3

Today started with a “Denny’s” breakfast – a chain of diners throughout the States. Two eggs (easy over), hash browns, toast (white bread) aaaaaand two buttermilk pancakes with buttercream and two shots of Maple Syrup.

What better way can you think of to start the day?

We then had a 4 to 5 hour journey almost due south down to Santa Fe. On the way we slipped off on to some terrific roads that wound their way up and over some mountains. Probably got to about 8,000 feet at one point. This is really what makes the trip worthwhile.

For the last hour we followed the River Grande down to Santa Fe. So the “cowboy” part of this trip has started.

No pictures today. Lets see what tomorrow brings.

Day 4

Breakfast seems to feature highly on any visit to the USA. Today was no different, although the venue was slightly offbeat. Leaving the hotel around 08:30 there was a keen eye kept open for a traditional and individual “diner” (they seem to be getting fewer as time passes). Just when time and distance seemed to be running out a “café” was noticed. This happened to be a more traditional “Mexican” flavoured place. We were in New Mexico after all. Without to much ado I can attest to the quality of the eggs, potatoes and “bakery basket” as they did “no toast” and were proud of the fact. The basket contained scones and an interesting combination of small cakes – blueberry, orange and poppy seed, green chilly to name but a few. A wonderful start to the day.

We then, after breakfast, took off to Bandelier National Monument Park. Due to terrible fires during 2011 and recent flooding access was only permitted to the park itself by bus. What this actually meant was that you were required to park at White Rock Centre and transfer to the park via a 25 minute free bus ride.

All in all a very well run operation leaving visitors happy with whatever time they spend in the park.















The remainder of the day was then spent meandering through spectacular mountain, valley and winding roads on our way to the evenings resting place of Albuquerque. One place we passed through was Los Alamos. Do you know it? Google it and you will see what it is famous for.

Catch you again later.


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