USA 2012 – a tour through Central and Mid West USA. (Part 3)

Day 5

First; an interesting omission from yesterday. I was asked for my ID twice last night. No, I hear you ask, not the both of us just me. Two different places/pubs. I ask you!

Well, today we moved from Albuquerque, New Mexico, east to Amarillo, Texas. Tony Christie was not about to show us the way either (sorry couldn’t resist that). Anyway, no photos as we meandered “off route” and into farming/ranch territory rather than sticking to the highway. It took longer than expected and we also had to stop about a mile from our final destination to beg fuel from a very helpful person practicing his “fly casting” on his lawn. Our superdooper navigator lead us to a non existent filling station. It seems that numerous people have arrived looking for fuel too but our helpful fisherman said he has never known a filling station there. It is nice to know that these new cars have all the gadgets. Funny thing is that a warning tells you have 50 miles left then gives you a continuous countdown —- until it just stops registering anything (you’re on your own now buddy).

Oh well another day tomorrow and off to Dodge City.

Day 6

Ok so here we are back online. Today started in Albuquerque filling up the empty tank at the nearest “gas station” then on to pick up a map at the bookstore followed by breakfast at Denny’s.

Fully nourished we set of for Palo Duro Canyon State Park some 25 miles south. I will simply attach some photographs showing the park – see below.

So that was our “out of car” experience for the day now for a lengthy journey through Texas, Oklahoma and into Kansas. About 4.5 hours in total over some less than interesting “high plains” of Northern Texas and Oklahoma. Must remember these thoughts for the future!

A short drive into Kansas brought us to Dodge City. More of that tomorrow.


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