USA 2012 – a tour through Central and Mid West USA. (Part 4)

Day 7

We drove in to Dodge and tied our car to the first “hitch rail” we found. On getting out we literally bumped into Charlie Meade, Special Deputy US Marshal and Retired Deputy Marshall of Dodge City, Kansas. He was all dressed up in hat, boots and spurs. It seems he does the “walking tour” and said the next one was due at 09:30. So breakfast first then the tour.

Charlie was a very good guide having lived in Dodge all his life he could bring places to life by regaling real incidents from the past 40 years or so.

After the walk we visited a more commercial setup with part of the “old town” now rebuilt in the format of “Front street north”. An enjoyable visit down memory lane as there were lots of reference to old movies and names that were common some time ago. (Wyatt Earp etc.).

By the time we finished these tours we were bushed and the temperature had climbed from 44F this morning to 78F this afternoon. Guess it’s time to plan for tomorrow which is a long long drive to Kansas City with fuel this time we hope.


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  1. cindyknoke says:

    Great photos. Fun and interesting blog!

  2. princessluck says:

    Keepers those boot spurs look lethal. I suppose it’s the only time you get away with wearing ‘ankle swinging’ trousers.

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