USA 2012 – a tour through Central and Mid West USA. (Part 5)

Day 8

A day that took us right across Kansas State from Dodge City to Kansas City. A distance of some 300 miles covered in just under 6 hours. The first 250 miles was lots of barren open flat land with nothing of any significance to draw your mind. Unless wind turbines are your thing. The last 50 miles into Kansas City was more undulating with green grass and trees making it more acceptable and pleasing on the eye.

All was going very smoothly until about 2 miles from the hotel where the road was closed and a diversion was in operation. Not the easiest of diversions I can tell you. Still we made it and found that the hotel had only been opened 2 weeks previously. So all was in pristine condition.

Day 9

A day spent in Kansas City picking up stores and malls (shopping places) to our hearts content. One mall was supposed to be one of the oldest in the State. It was actually more like a shopping center to us. Very different from the normal US Mall.

Day 10

Omaha was our next destination. As this was a relatively short drive (3 hours +) we headed directly for our point of interest for this location. The Zoo! OK! So when was the last time you visited the zoo. Well from our points of view it was very many years ago but we had been told that this was possibly the best zoo in the USA. It proved to be that case and I will just post some pictures to tempt you.

The evening was spent in the “market area” which had wonderful shops, pubs, places of interest and places to eat. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves staying out until the small hours (for us) of 21:30. We (I) are getting older you know and can’t take the pace these days! If ever over this way you can’t help but enjoy downtown Omaha.

Day 11

Another short drive after a very turbulent night in which we didn’t get much sleep. I won’t bother to go into details as we would sooner forget the night completely.

On to Sioux Falls which is another surprise on the tour this year. Interesting places to visit and a very spacious park to walk around.

I guess the pictures may do more than these words for your understanding. Lets hope so.

Catch you again soon I hope.


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    Not many options in Omaha but you picked the right ones!

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