USA 2012 – a tour through Central and Mid West USA. (Part 6)

Day 12

A long day was ahead of us as we travelled due west along the I90 to our stop over of Rapid City. We decided to detour and take in “the badlands of South Dakota”. What a good idea this was as it added some very interesting countryside in to what had been a pretty uninteresting drive.

In all the day was about 350 to 400 miles and lasted, with the detour, about 8 hours. All in a very good cause I might add as we are starting to see some wonderful scenery within South Dakota (Western end/side).

Day 13

Today was all about visiting Mount Rushmore (where the four presidents heads have been carved into the mountainside) and then taking in some of the extensive park around that area. After breakfast in a true “diner”.

As you can imagine a state memorial to be. Masses of parking, loads of walkways to get you to the memorial. Lots of everything. ( A little underwhelming to be honest).

From here we moved on to Custer State Park and on the way called in to the privately funded work going on to produce the Crazy Horse Memorial. This is without doubt an extraordinary project. It will (already does) dwarf the Mt. Rushmore Memorial and, when finished, will be truly magnificent. As a mater of interest the four Presidents heads will fit into the head and hair of Crazy Horse. Yes that is a fact. Take a look for yourselves and Google the details if in doubt.

Leaving the Memorial we then meandered through some wonderful countryside and roads that threw up Deer, Prairie Dogs, Buffalo and many other smaller animals and of course the winter turn of the leaves. Believe me there are other places to see autumn colours in the USA as well as New England. (In fact the best place to see autumn colours is the UK).

Tomorrow we head off on another very long day continuing West to Cheyenne.

Catch you over there!


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