USA 2012 – a tour through Central and Mid West USA. (Part 7)

Day 14

For those of you “hanging on every word” did you spot the mistake in direction? “West to Cheyenne” was actually South and it was over undulating countryside offering little for us seasoned travellers.

We arrived in Cheyenne to very much colder and wet conditions. The conditions suited the place down to a tee. I’m afraid to admit that I got this one wrong. Downtown proved to be very disappointing, wet and cold with only two places to eat our evening meal. Well, I guess we only need two, one for the first night and one for the second!

Day 15

We tracked down a traditional “diner” for breakfast and right opposite was a large mall – so we took in some shopping afterwards.

Now what to do. As it happened we had passed through Laramie some years ago and had been smitten by it for some reason. Perhaps because I had my haircut there! Anyway off we set up and over (8,500’) to see what we remembered about the place. Believe it or not it was much better than we remembered and we instantly wished were staying overnight. Even to barbers was still there although the numbers waiting was a little too much for me (patience not being a virtue of mine).

We did find a wonderful magazine/book store that meant we spent time and money inside. Across the way was a “Western” shop. So more time and money spent.

Is he wearing a cowboy hat???? Yep he is. It’s part of normal attire around here.

All in all a very pleasant outing. We even passed by Buford – elevation 8,000’ – population 1. You may have read about it in the press some months ago as it was sold – to one guy I guess. So he is now the Mayor, Sheriff and anyone else he wants to be I suppose.

All that is left now is for us to pack up tomorrow and head for Denver and the flight home. I guess this means an end to saga of USA 2012. It has been fun and keep watching as I’m sure to think of something else to blog about.


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