Windsor Great Park

OK so I guess we know that summer is gone and the weather is changing. The beauty is that we are surrounded by wonderful natural colours. Prompted by this thought I took off to Windsor Great Park with my daughter. Just in case you are unaware this park is famous for it’s Oak trees. More importantly for it’s “dead wood” trees. There are more dead Oaks in this park than anywhere else in the UK. Honestly, they are left to their own devices and help support all other micro biology in the nearby vicinity. Some are many hundreds of years old. So they know a thing or two. Just to set the scene it was a very damp, humid and misty day. Visibility was greatly reduced which added to the mood of the day.

OK so here we have a series of shots showing the beauty of the place.












Lets hope these shots give a glimpse into the natural beauty that is all about us.



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  1. cindy knoke says:

    I am finding it hard to locate the comment section on lots of your posts! I wanted to comment on several. Great posts, photos, narratives!

    • traveller858 says:

      Hi Cindy, very many thanks for this comment. I to have been having this problem on various different posts. I believe it is something to do with how you access the post. I have found that if I come via an email this sometimes puts me into the posts without access to “comments” even though I know the post has this feature. I have then used the “home” button and then selected the specific blog. This has then (although not always) prompted the “comments” section to show. It is most frustrating and something that perhaps WordPress need to look at. One of my problems is being relatively new to blogging so am still trying to find my way around the system. Oh! that is also a thought. They are making lots of changes at the moment so it could be part of that. Let me know if this helps.

    • traveller858 says:

      I’ve just carried out a search on WordPress. Seems lots of people are having problems. Check this out.

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