Churches and Churchyards! -3-

We are on a roll now and have paid another visit to a local Church. This time St Michael & St Mary Magdalene’s Church, Easthampstead. As previously I will start with a little information.

The site of the Mother Church of Bracknell, at Easthampstead, is very ancient and it’s prominent position on a hill, coupled with the dedication to St Michael, destroyer of the Devil (and pagan religion), suggests that it might have been a place of pre-Christian worship.

The old church, dating from at least 1159, would have been used by the Kings of England, when visiting their nearby hunting lodge. In 1863, however, it was described as being “of the worst character”. Repairs were estimated at £3,000. The present building was erected between 1865 and 1867 and the expenses met by Caroline, Marchioness of Downshire.


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