Photos from the Falkland Islands.

I have decided not to tax you too much with this post so will keep the words down to a minimum. This is simply a series of pictures following my second visit to the South Atlantic in January 2011.

Falkland Islands 2011-01-27

Falkland Islands 2011-01-27

Messages on boots!


Falkland Islands 2011-01-26

Falkland Islands 2011-01-26

How far home?

Falkland Islands 2011-01-25


Main highway!


Post Office

Harbour buildings and entry for tourists be cruise ship.

Falkland Islands 2011-01-23

Church – complete with whale bones.


Penguins – so we must be down south.

Sand and penguins with young.


Far away. Stanley in the distance.



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14 Responses to Photos from the Falkland Islands.

  1. feckthisshit says:

    Brilliant photos!!

  2. Kurt says:

    Amazing captures. What a place!

  3. Sartenada says:

    This was the first time to watch photos from Falkland Islands and what photos – great ones.

  4. traveller858 says:

    Thank you Sartenada.

  5. sethsnap says:

    Beautiful. How difficult is it to get there? I imagine you don’t fly through Buenos Aires.

    • traveller858 says:

      Thank you for visiting my site. Access, by air, is twice weekly from Punta Arenas. A regular service flies down from Santiago (wonderful city) to Punta Arenas so that isn’t too much trouble. Depending upon where you are coming from depends how you get to Santiago? One thing you must do is check out the web for details on exactly what procedures you need to follow for entry to the Falkland Islands. Mount Pleasant (FI) airport is a military (British) one and fairly limited in facilities. Please ensure you check out exactly what permits or visas you need first.
      If you do make the effort to visit FI you will not be disappointed. Indeed, I would also suggest adding time in Punta Arenas as there is so much to do and see in the area. January to March are good times to visit. The main thing you will notice is the quality of light. Incredible for photographers.
      I hope you get there. Good Luck.
      If you need any other info please feel free to contact me.

      • sethsnap says:

        Yes, I would love to. But, it will be while before I can make another trip. Well, unless, I sell a massive amount of calendars. 😉

  6. Mark R.Milan says:

    Hello! A bit off-topic but I nominated you to the Reader Appreciation Award!

    • traveller858 says:

      “A bit off topic” that’s an understatement. Gosh thanks I’m not sure I understand what it actually means though? What does one have to do? This is all very new to me. I do appreciate your nomination though. Thank you.

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