Reader Appreciation Award.

This is all very surreal, but hey let’s go with the flow.

Firstly, very many thanks to Mark R Milan who has nominated me for the Reader Appreciation Award.

Here are the requirements for accepting the award:

1) Thank the blogger who nominated you and share a link to that blog.

2) Attach the award icon to your site.

3) Answer some specific questions. Unlike many awards which just ask for some random things about you, this asks specific questions as follows:

  • Your favorite color? – Black.
  • Your favorite animal? – Someone else’s.
  • Your favorite non-alcoholic drink? – Water.
  • Facebook or Twitter? – Neither.
  • Your favorite pattern? – Those that are created by clouds in the sky. They are always changing and can be beautiful one moment and menacing the next.
  • Do  you prefer getting or giving presents? – I guess the answer is giving. Although only if you are around to see the pleasure on the face of the recipient.
  • Your favorite number? – 8. No idea why.
  • Your favorite day of the week? – Everyday as I am now retired and can please myself as to what I do (well I like to think I can)!
  • Your favorite flower? – Poppies.
  • What is your passion? – Photography and travel. I believe they fit together well.
  1. And finally, offer “pay it forward” nominations, advising those bloggers that they have been nominated and how to accept. I’ve listed my nominees for the award below. This is the best reason to accept blogging awards — to spread the word about other blogs we enjoy!


About traveller858

My interests are travel and photography within the UK and abroad. I also love ALL things .
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  1. Thanks a lot, Barry 🙂

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