Something a little different from me.

Yesterday was damp and overcast but one where I felt the need to get out and about. I called in at Savernake Park, almost by accident on my way back from the shops , and on exiting the car was immediately aware of the brashness of the RED ironwork in front of me. I suppose it was installed to stop people falling into the water? Anyway the more I walked around the more the RED seemed to be getting at me. In hind sight I suppose it was the contrast between the solid colour of the RED and those autumnal tints of the leaves and trees.

Whatever the reason I am now able to share them with you :-

A walk in Savernake Park

A walk in Savernake Park

A walk in Savernake Park

A walk in Savernake Park

A walk in Savernake Park






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2 Responses to RED!

  1. cindy knoke says:

    Man, these are gorgeous, gorgeous photos! Seriously, if I were you I would frame and hang first the last one and then the one immediately proceeding it, in that order. The hints of hidden red in the first photo, and then the bridge rail. Seriously, that last photo is incredible. The glimpse of red rail and then the tree, just a glimpse. Stunning stuff!

    • traveller858 says:

      Cindy, many thanks for such kind and positive words. I will take your compliments on board and strive to continue in the same vain. Just think it was only by chance that I called in there in the first place.

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