Bath City

A recent weekend away allowed a visit to a much loved city, Bath. It really does have it all. History, Architecture, Shops, Spa, Museums, Pubs and on the day we went lots and lots of other visitors.

Since our last visit Bath has seen some redevelopment around the railway station. This used to be an area that you passed through either to or from the station. Not now though as there are many new large, well presented, shops that enhance your visit. (From my point of view it was marvellous as an Apple store  has opened).

Anyway enough of this I thought I would take a brief look at Bath from a different perspective. This time with colour in obscure surroundings.

Coloured glass and name in shop window.

Coloured glass in shop window.

Colour in a whisk!

Colour in the kitchen “shop”

Colour in the kitchen “shop”

Colour in the kitchen “shop”.

Colourful graters.


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4 Responses to Bath City

  1. cindy knoke says:

    I love Bath & I love this post! So different from the usual photos of Bath! Quite creative.

  2. princessluck says:

    Absolutely fantastic. Think it might actually be my favourite one of yours so far. Brill x

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