A mixed batch!

This post is intended to be “a mixed batch” following a visit to Bath. The only real connection being Bath. It is such a vibrant city that there seem to be opportunities around every corner, making it very easy to shoot away with a feeling of absolute freedom. Numbers of visitors, all seemingly with cameras, swarming the streets allow you to almost hide in full view. Stepping in to take shots as you wish. No one questions or tries to stop you. I suppose that is the advantage of a busy city.

Above is a classic shot showing lots of shoppers, cars, shops, architecture, windows and also the signs of Christmas Lights.

I guess there is always the street seller that is prepared to spend his day trudging the streets holding his hand high and showing off his collection of balloons. Does anyone buy them? I’m not sure that I have been aware many people walking around with a single purchased one, not even a child with tugging one along! Never mind it adds colour and another photo opportunity.

Bunting, people and smaller, more intimate, streets offer access to some independent shops and cafes. I’m not sure I was aware of the “recession” during this visit!

The majestic Bath Abbey guards access to the Spa and shopping streets. It offers a wonderful “dropping off” point for those taking the open top bus tour. For others it just “offers” what ever they want.

Just a few minutes away from the Abbey and shops is Pulteney Bridge. Famous for its line of shops on either side. These shops are very narrow (perhaps 3m to 4m at most) and always seem to be busy, especially the cake shop.



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  1. Good post – you have single-handedly convinced me that I need to have a Bath!

  2. cuprapaul says:

    As discussed- think a visit to Bath is on the cards!- Looks great.

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