Churches and Churchyards! -8-

Out into the country this time and a visit to St James’ Church, Avebury. Avebury is a very popular tourist attraction, owing to the “stone circle” (more of that another time), and it is recommended that if you have control of your visiting times then either get there  early in the morning or try mid week. That said there is a reasonable amount of parking nearby.

“The church has undergone several periods of construction, the earliest evidence for which dates to the Anglo-Saxon/pre-Norman period and one estimate dates it to approx. 1000 A.D. The church was altered by the Normans who made several prominent changes to the design of the building, most notably the south doorway with its beautifully carved arch. It is also the Normans who mention the first recorded priest to the church, Rainbold. Alterations continued through the 12th-19th centuries, with many rich an diverse additions being added by successive generations.”

St James’ Church, Avebury

St James’ Church, Avebury

“The lynchgate at the entrance to the grounds of Avebury St. James was erected in 1899 by Messrs. Shipway and Titcombe who lived locally and was designed by the architect Charles Pointing who also lived close to Avebury. Traditionally, a lychgate is the place where a coffin is laid while part of the burial service is read, serving also as shelter against inclement weather.”

St James’ Church, Avebury


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  1. cindy knoke says:

    I lived in Burford for a summer eons ago and took a day drive to Avebury. Loved it! Great post!

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