Avebury Stone Circle

Now just sit back and enjoy some pictures from our past.

I have included, as usual, a short extract taken from the English Heritage Web Page –
from where you will be able to find more information if you so wish.

“Avebury rivals – some would say exceeds – Stonehenge as the largest, most impressive and complex prehistoric site in Britain.

Built and altered over many centuries from about 2850 BC to 2200 BC, it now appears as a huge circular bank and ditch, enclosing an area of 281 ⁄2 acres (111 ⁄2 hectares), including part of Avebury village.Within this ‘henge’ ditch is an inner circle of great standing stones, enclosing two more stone circles, each with a central feature.

The site’s present appearance owes much to the marmalade heir Alexander Keiller, who excavated and re-erected many stones during the 1930s, and whose archaeological collections are displayed in the nearby museum. Many stones had been broken or buried in medieval and later times, one crushing its destroyer as it fell.

Avebury Henge and Stone Circles are in the freehold ownership of The National Trust and in English Heritage guardianship. They are managed by The National Trust on behalf of English Heritage, and the two organisations share the cost of managing and maintaining the property.”

One thing is for sure, old or young, there is something here for everyone. Set in a still relatively unspoilt part of the country it just seems to drop you back in time. You can go with your thoughts or just admire what you see on the day.

Avebury stone circle

Avebury stone circle

Avebury stone circle

Avebury stone circle

Avebury stone circle

Avebury stone circle

Avebury stone circle




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  1. carlossereno says:

    A very interesting monument for those like me who loves these prehistoric sites. Thank you for showing it. Near where I live there are several of those monuments, much smaller but equally worth visiting.

  2. Even in a photograph they manage to look spooky!

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