St Helena – the island!

It’s taken a while to get here but finally the time has come to “drop anchor” as there is no quay to tie up to. We have to disembark onto a tender vessel and make a short journey to the landing area. Not for the feint hearted. Getting onto the tender from the RMS St Helena is actually the easy part, as both move up and down at the same rate and there are many helping hands. At the landing area things change. Here you can get a swell of 3 or 4 meters so timing your step up or down onto solid ground can be disconcerting. But again there are many helpers giving encouraging shouts as to when to make your move.

2 016 - Version 21 017 - Version 2



RMS St Helena (the one in the middle) at anchor.

2 018 - Version 2

The tender and helpers – notice the ropes hanging down, these are to offer more help.

2 036 - Version 21 006


A couple of shots of the landing area.

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Varying landscapes. Such diversity.

4 003The “cricket pitch”. I even managed to watch a game, in the rain, just like at home!!!!

3 030Guarding the island.

3 003Notice the French flag. This is the building that Napoleon was exiled to 1815 to his death in 1821. Not too bad eh!

4 0115 012Jamestown.

5 011Jacobs ladder from the top. Built 1882, 600 feet high, 699 steps. Used to haul goods etc up and down hillside.1 005From the bottom.

7 007Time to leave. This ends our visit to St Helena. However, if you would like more information on any aspect of the island please visit



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