A different look at Ypres, Belgium. – 2 –

I guess only I know that these shots were taken in Ypres therefore allowing me to use the title. The strange is that they weren’t going to be the subject of this post but I was editing photos this morning and became fascinated with the beauty of the graffiti. I realise there are all sorts of claims about the “eyesore” and “wanton vandalism” caused by these “graffitures” (hows that for a word) but in the right places and carried out with panache then I really do think it enhances some areas.

Inner city decay and neglect can certainly be improved, in appearance, by some well placed “artwork”. After all Banksy seems to have done very well out of his graffiti artwork. Obviously, there are many some places that it is inappropriate. In the Houses of Parliament or House of Lords for instance – totally unacceptable in those buildings with all the honest and upright MPs about. Seriously though graffiti can brighten up an otherwise tedious and boring trip into your city’s railway station, if London is anything to go by.

These shots were all taken at the skate park in Ypres. I’m sure it doesn’t affect those using the ramps and jumps.

Skate park artwork.Skate park artwork. Skate park artwork. Skate park artwork.That’s all for now.


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