More benches.

I never thought that when I mentioned, previously, that my “benches” theme could develop into anything more than the odd photo picked up over time. How wrong that thought was. Last week I spent the day at Wisley Botanical Gardens. The weather was cold and damp and generally miserable. However, everywhere I went throughout the gardens I came across “benches”. Wood, stone, metal and combinations of materials. The biggest surprise was the variety of designs. I thought that it was just Ypres that had a penchant for dotting a variety of benches about the place. Obviously not, as I ended up with more than twenty different types. My library grows!

So now I guess the time comes to post a few more to my blog:-

Long and modern wooden bench Wet bench Wet modernist curves Wood and metal bench for many sitters. Solid planks and wedges Curves and solid planksI must say that looking out for benches now brings another dimension to a walk in the fresh air be it in the country, town, city or wherever I may be. I may post more, we’ll just have to see.


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