Dinton Pastures, Hurst, Reading.

I feel sure you will agree that the weather is still holding on to its winter feel. It is just so easy to find things to do in or about the house rather than venture outside. However, I managed to break the tie and escape to a local nature park. This time it was Dinton Pastures, near Reading, UK. The leisure area is situated along the River Loddon and combines a series of lakes and wetland nature reserves into public open spaces. Much use is made of the river and lakes for fishing purposes with well maintained “pegs” set along the banks. Paths meander throughout the area, allowing gentle walks or vigorous  exercise to be taken during the day. (Parking closed after 17:00)

Entry to the wet route.This is not typical of the footpaths but just shows how one should be prepared for any eventuality. In this case a detour was made.

Lake scene.A photo across one of the lakes managed to capture some “crepuscular rays”. It’s a pity the resolution can’t be retained on import!

Alien landscape. Twisted.The winter flooding has certainly left it’s toll on the area. Although from a photographers perspective it offers many more opportunities.

The woods are taking over!Some shots are just too interesting to be left out!! 

Across the lake.Oh for some sunshine. Although in this case perhaps it’s better without.

What will the weather bring for the next blog? Surely not more snow!


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