More benches -5-

OK so it had to happen. I go on a day out to Bushy Park (see previous post) and these “benches” jump out at me. Honestly, I really do think that there is some sort of conspiracy happening regarding benches. How can we have so many, why are they so different, who decides where to locate them, who puts them in place, who maintains them, who uses them (now that is an interesting question), do we need more, when will we know we have enough, should we be providing them at all, memorial benches, waiting benches, pretty benches, rustic benches, modern benches, metal benches, wooden benches, plastic benches, concrete benches, on and on the list could go. Perhaps they are getting to me and I now see nothing other than BENCHES.

Anyway a few more for you all.

Bushey Park Bushey Park Bushey Park Bushey Park A walk in Stanborough Park Open Air Museum Open Air Museum Open Air Museum Open Air Museum Open Air Museum


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