The search for Bluebells.

We seem to have been the victims of a long, cold and wet winter (although it’s probably no different to any other one – it just seems that way). However, over the past few days, nay, weeks the weather has improved. The sun has been out and the flowers and birds seem to be making the most of it.

Not wishing to be outdone by all of this natural development I thought I would set myself the task of seeking out some Bluebells. But close to home just to add a degree of difficulty. So without too much ado a local woodland, Hayley Green Woods, was visited. It lies about a mile away and has seen lots of work, over the past few years, by a group of local conservationists. This was my first visit and a thoroughly enjoyable experience it was. Improvements have obviously been made and yet it retains the feel of a true small woodland.

The search begins :-

I'm sure it was this way?

I’m sure it was this way?

It's certainly not this way!
It’s certainly not this way!

Ah! We're on the right track.

Ah! We’re on the right track.

We just need to keep going.

We just need to keep going.

We got there in the end.

We got there in the end.



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