My last post was 31st of May 2013. I just hadn’t realised that so much time had passed. Oh! I was aware that I hadn’t posted but not that it had been quite so long. The strange thing is that so much seems to have happened and yet nothing has been done about it.

If it hadn’t been for a recent “get together” where one dear friend from USA just mentioned, in passing, that they hadn’t seen anything from me and had I changed my address. Well, I guess that was the catalyst for me to sit down and actually put some words and pictures together. So for my followers (the few of you) I will start with a little story.

Earlier this year everyone seemed to be debating the pros and cons of “New Flickr” over the previous version. Some called for an end to all the changes and resort back “immediately” as if that would happen. I on the other hand started watching the online discussions and quickly realised that people just don’t like change unless they have instigated it. I guess what it did prompt was me to use Flickr more. That could be because I am generally lazy and posting photos only is much quicker (relatively).

So, OK, we tiptoed through the Flickr changes then I just seem to get caught up on this emerging behemoth called Google+. It strikes at your very core without you even noticing that it is surreptitiously taking over everything you do. All searches and keystrokes seem to migrate back to Google. I fought back my outrage at such a big brother attack and tried to devise a method whereby I could escape without leaving a trace. Yes, yes, I hear you, there is no escape. But in my own way I needed to try something. I closed all accounts and reference. There I had won. I was clean again.

A few weeks later I was doing whatever on the computer and had this epiphany moment. Why was I actually worried about belonging to these multinational sites. Providing I keep the posts general and try not to include people, places, names etc. all should be well. Perhaps I could get some interesting reading and viewing from other like minded people. It may be worth another try.

Those thoughts played on my mind for a few more days until I eventually decided to “get back in the action” Of course setting up the accounts again was easy as the computer kept my details just awaiting my return. There so I hadn’t won. Now I’m dirty again!!!!!

The silly thing about reading this through is that I only use three web sites and none of the social media ones as I really am paranoid about those.

I’ll finish this with a few more “benches” and save the steam trains for another day.

A log bench Bench A red bench A bench with colour


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