Nymans Estate & Gardens, West Sussex

“In the late 1800’s Ludwig Messel bought the Nymans Estate in the Sussex High Weald to make a dream family home. Inspired by the wooded surroundings he created a garden with plants collected from around the world. Here this creative family entertained friends and family, enjoyed relaxing, playing and picnicking in the garden and woods. Today it is still a garden lovers’ home – a place to relax all year round and enjoy a peaceful country garden.” (taken from National Trust visitor information page).

A few weeks ago I was able to visit this garden and explore some of it’s features. Although the weather was wet it didn’t take away any of the beauty seen within the borders. I share but a few of the plants that were on show with you.

Natural beauty. Nymans Estate & Gardens, West Sussex Nymans Estate & Gardens, West Sussex Nymans Estate & Gardens, West Sussex


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3 Responses to Nymans Estate & Gardens, West Sussex

  1. Nice photos! Do you know the names of the second and third photo?

    • traveller858 says:

      No sorry. I’m afraid the wet weather meant that I concentrated on the photos and did not spend time noting the names of the plants. I’ll take this question on board though and consider taking photos of any plant names in future.

  2. princessluck says:

    Wow such crisp photo’s! !

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