Clay shooting

Yesterday I spent a few hours at a local clay target/pigeon shooting ground. Not shooting with a gun but with my trusty camera whilst accompany my son around the ground as he shot.

The form of shooting was “simulated game” whereby each shooting location “stand” represents a different type of wild game, mainly birds. (Teal, Grouse, Pigeon, Pheasant and of course Rabbit). The targets vary in colour (black and orange) and size. They can also be launched in different directions – going away, coming in, crossing and quartering left to right, crossing and quartering right to left, rising from the ground, high over tree tops, from special high towers. In fact I cannot think of a way that they don’t go.

The targets are shot from within a safety cage “stand”. The direction and type of target is also indicated at the stand as well as the ability to have singles or pairs in some places.

In order to stop you getting bored with this post I won’t go into more detail but just show you a few photos of the day.Clay target shooting

A pair of orange clays, going away to simulate birds landing on a pond. One of the traps is seen in the foreground with another out to the left. For this stand they were set either side of the shooter with the targets crossing before they hit the bank behind.Clay target shooting

A simulated Teal rising up from alongside the shooter. Pieces of the target can be seen to the left.Clay target shootingA coming in target. Again the pieces can be seen.

Clay target shootingA high crossing target.Clay target shootingOrange targets awaiting launch.


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