Early start.

Beep beep beep. Gosh! is it really time to get up. It’s so dark and all the car windows are iced over. Thank goodness the packing was done last night.

I guess we’ve all had these sort of mornings when all we really want to do is pull the covers back over our heads and get a few more minutes sleep. This morning, though, we are bound for a trip over to France via “Le Shuttle”.

On setting off we realise that it is very foggy and traffic is moving slowly. Fortunately, plenty of time has been left for the journey and stress levels remain low. Although traffic is slow it keeps moving and, to be honest, slow moving traffic is better than stationary traffic. So, this proves that slower can be faster!

The upshot of all of this was that we were able to catch the sunrise glimpsing through the fog as we drove east towards “Le Shuttle”.

Sun rise (10)

Sun rise (12)

Sun rise (3)

Sun rise

Sun rise (4)

Sun rise (7)

Considering these shots were taken through the windscreen, travelling at 50mph and on an old iPhone they have reproduced reasonably well.

Our journey passed without incident and we arrived in France safe and sound.

More from France later.


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