Out for a walk.

I’m sure the recent sunny weather has encouraged some of you to get out and about. That may mean a walk in the park, around the village, explore a city centre or take to one of our many footpaths or rights of way. Some walks will be long and strenuous others short and picturesque. The one thing in common with all of them is your need to put one foot in front of the other. The enjoyment and satisfaction gained will be a very individual thing, some gaining more than others.

Generally, I carry a camera with me on all walks. More because I am convinced that there will be a “notable” shot somewhere along the route. More often than not footpaths, in the countryside, seem to be very much the same. Fairly narrow strips of land defined, although not always clearly, by hedges, fences, way markers, stiles or gates. This similarity leads to few photos being taken especially if you are concentrating on the map in order to find the correct route.

It was the similarity and lack of “notable” things to photograph that prompted me to look at my last series of shots. In deed they are similar and YET do I spot differences. Of course I do. Just see for yourself. They are all paths running away in the distance and yet they can pose the questions “where to” “what’s next” “who else has walked this way” and many others I’m sure.Winkfield walk Winkfield walk Winkfield walk


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2 Responses to Out for a walk.

  1. Simon Hardman says:

    Whilst your blog poses some provoking thoughtful search for answers, I have always found the footpath that leads to a local village hostelry the most rewarding.

    • traveller858 says:

      Now that is interesting! As a “boy” (a couple of years ago!!) I can remember going for a walk most Sunday evenings with my parents, when the weather permitted that is. We always seemed to find a Public House. I couldn’t work out how they knew there would be one. I assumed it was just by chance. I suppose they found it rewarding too.

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