Capital city day out.

Have you ever noticed how thoughts and feelings about places change over the years? It seems to happen without any input or effort. I can easily remember visiting the Capital and just soaking up the excitement and surprises around every corner. The thought of perhaps living there! Sampling all those wonderful foods from all over the World at anytime of the day or night. Paradise perhaps!

The reality – after many years of visiting other places the day dawned that the Capital called. Choosing what was thought to be a quiet Tuesday in late September we set off, on the train, to Waterloo.

The plan was to, legs permitting, walk a gentle route along the South Bank. Cross over Tower Bridge then meander up through the City towards Covent Garden. Returning down through Westminster and passing under Big Ben. Over the bridge and return to the ever patient train awaiting at the station to return us home.

Ok. So we perhaps made it too big a challenge as, by the end, the legs and body generally were saying lets stop. However, it was a terrific day out and the sun shone on us without being too hot.

Back to the opening question. I had forgotten just how many people there were on the streets (quiet Tuesday remember). I had forgotten just how noisy it was. Certainly I was struck by how much the horizon had changed. Once tall and proud edifices now lie in the shadows of a multitude of enormous buildings. I just wonder how long these tall and seemingly all glass buildings will last the test of time (real time, as is the case with our historical buildings of many hundreds of years ago).

So a Capital city day out is to be recommended but with the proviso that you try not to overdo it.

The following shots will allow you to seek out the old and the new. City scape City scape City scape City scape City scape


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