With an hour to spare.

A morning full of sunshine was just the draw I needed to pop out for a simple little walk around some footpaths nearby. It just happens that we have been lucky enough to have these paths maintained over the past few months. They now boast wooden borders with “hoggin” laid between allowing much easier and cleaner walking. A good pair of stout shoes is all that is required.

Footpath near home


There are times, during walks like this, when it is hard to believe that you are only within a few paces of a bustling road or built up area. The only sounds to be heard are from birds or the wind in the trees.

Trees, what magnificent things they are. Most outlive us and look more and more splendid as they age.

Footpath near home


Now the only thing to do is follow the footpath just to see where it leads. Do we have any clues? Well, not too many other than the fact that someone has been here before. Is it private or public? We’ll have to see.

Footpath near home


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