Like a bolt out of the blue.

I’m sure you will have noticed that spring is, very much, on its way. What better than to pop out for a simple walk in the sunshine and enjoy all the fresh new growth pushing forth. A great many of these walks are on urban pathways or newly established “public zones” where purpose made footpaths have been constructed.

Over the past few months I have taken to exploring footpaths and walkways near to home rather than motor off to more far flung places. Living in a built up area this means walking on normal roadside footpaths, special short cut hard footpaths between roads and  designated footpaths in public open spaces (generally Council owned and maintained).

It was during one of these walks that I was hit “like a bolt out of the blue”Bolt out of the blueand realised that I kept seeing plastic bags, knotted and generally laid at the bottom of a lamp post, fence post or other noticeable location. I suppose I just assumed this was all part of the general discarding of rubbish that seems to blight us nowadays. However, I then noticed that someone had gone to a great deal of trouble to actually tie bags onto chainlink fencing. OK I guess you’ve already realised where this is going.

Yes, these bags are being disposed of by those wonderful dog lovers that have seemingly decided that they don’t want to “take it home” or place it in proper receptacles generally provided by the Council. (I believe this local council supports multi purpose bins for just this reason).

Now here are the problems :-

Mess left in the open, on a public thoroughfare, footpath or wherever is annoying, unsightly, unhygienic and a general health hazard for everyone. However, left in the open it will breakdown naturally in a few months.

Mess left in plastic bags will stay in plastic bags for many many years.

So what is the answer? There has to be one.


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  1. Well said Barry. I can remember when we had an out of season holiday on The Isle of Wight. Visiting all of the places we visited in the summer was a bit of a shock. With the leaves gone from the bushes and trees the little blue bags of dog mess were revealed swinging from the branches. Message to dog owners…” Take it home or put it in the bin “

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