Over the past dozen years or so we have taken our annual holidays touring the USA. We started back in 2003 when we visited friends who lived in York PA. That single trip was so enjoyable we decided we should see more of this enormous Country. Over the years we have covered thousands of miles over mountains, across plains, into canyons, east coast, west coast and of course cities. Never a dull moment and always plenty to see and do.

Breakfast in a "diner"

The early trips were very much a learning curve for us as we tried to pick up or get used to as many “local ways” as possible. i.e. parking diagonally in car parks. (Why doesn’t everyone park this way?) State liquor laws. Variable speed limits. The list could go on but I won’t bore you. However, it is fair to say that together they make up some very interesting and memorable differences.

Breakfast in a "diner"

Now, back to the subject “breakfast”. It didn’t take us long into our visits to realise that the All American “diner” was the place to start the day. We would forsake the “hotel” breakfast just to get on the road and find “yet another” diner. Inevitably, on most days they were normal chain diners but just occasionally we would find simple family run ones. In these you could breakfast like a king. Eggs, hash browns, bacon, sausage links, toast, grits, waffles, pancakes and as much coffee as you can drink. (All freshly cooked).

Breakfast in a "diner" Breakfast in a "diner"

A good breakfast can set the day up so well. Oh! such fond memories.




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  1. Jim Grey says:

    I find that family-owned diners are an East Coast thing. When I’ve visited some friends I have in New Jersey, and last time I was in Washington, DC, diners figured large into our diet. But out here in the Midwest, 99% of diner-like restaurants are chains.

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