Do you remember when?

I’m sure we’ve all said it at some time “do you remember when ….”.  The reality is we easily forget the things that we once found to be perfectly normal. It is only when we start to reminisce, with others generally, that our minds sometimes flash back to previous times. Some good some bad. Lets hope that most are fond ones.

The following photos may prompt memories or even questions as to why, what, how could people use or live with these things on a daily basis.

Open Air Museum Open Air Museum And so to bed. Open Air Museum Open Air MuseumFor myself, I can’t remember any of the above !!!!!!!!!!! It is good to look back occasionally though.


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2 Responses to Do you remember when?

  1. Nice pictures and like you I can’t remember living with any of these but I bet it nwas cosy sitting around that fireplace.

  2. traveller858 says:

    I’m not sure the bed would have been as cosy though!

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