There are advantages ……

Changing anything these days always seems to be accompanied, sometimes a few days later, with the feeling that it was all a terrible mistake. It was about a month ago and it was my turn to change. My change was with the software that I use to store and edit all my photographs.

I didn’t change on a whim, I changed because my existing package was no longer being supported or updated. After much research and many hours reading comments “online” I finally decided upon my software of choice. It is a more professional package which seems to inevitably mean more complicated to use. However, as soon as I realised this “complicated” package was simply “NEW” and therefore required a little more concentration, I found myself thoroughly enjoying the experience.

One of the many “advantages” to making this type of change is that you get to review/revisit your old library. This in itself is no big deal because you could do that at anytime anyway. However, looking through my libraries, via this new package. I really did see things in a different light.

So my tip to all those out there thinking of making a change, to anything, is to look for the advantages – do not dwell upon the differences or difficulties.

As I said I’m a month in now and enjoying all of the “advantages” that came with the change.

Here are a couple of shots taken in Seville, Spain back in 2003.

Seville Seville Seville Seville Seville


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  1. princessluck says:

    These pictures are so good it makes me want to visit!
    “Embrace change”!

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