Market shopping

There is so much in the press these days concerning supermarkets. Market share is dropping, market share is rising, profits are reducing, shops are closing. On and on it goes. The thing that is fairly obvious to everyone is that shops, as we knew them, have just about gone. There are only a few high street butchers, bakers, fishmongers and fruit and vegetable shops still open. Those that are seem to be doing a reasonable trade although I doubt they are particularly profitable.

A few towns still have very good “street markets” generally open one or two days a week. Some even manage to host a properly constructed “Market” building left over from by gone days usually.

The better “Markets” have so many stalls that it is possible to purchase just about anything that you may want. Fruit, veg, fish, meat, bread, wool, flowers, records, cakes, tools, gadgets, spare parts too numberous to mention and also offer places to have a sit down and a cup of tea.

I suppose this is exactly what progress is all about?

Shopping at the marketShopping for vegetablesShopping for meatShopping for fishThe above images were taken in Cardiff Market.


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  1. Jim Grey says:

    Wow. I wish we had a place like that here! It’s all big-box chain supermarkets here.

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