An educational visit.

Christmas seems such a long time ago. But last night I made use of one of my Christmas presents from 2014 – tickets for a guided tour of one of our local craft breweries. It is true that I assumed this would be no more than a simple 45 or so minute lecture extolling the virtues of this particular brewery, then the inevitable visit to the shop where all or any of the beers can be purchased along with beer mats, hats, teeshirts, key fobs etc.

Windsor and Eton Brewery

How wrong can one be. Gathering with perhaps 10 others a few minutes before the tour was due to start we were introduced to one of the four owners, Paddy, who was going to guide us through the art of beer making. However, before we started gathering detailed information on the process it was deemed necessary to actually sample a beer first. So here’s to the start of the tour. Cheers.

Windsor and Eton Brewery

The brewery was set up some 5 years ago by the four present owners. Two had brewing knowledge, one engineering and the other marketing. Together with a great deal of hard work and long hours they appear to have achieved their objective. Must be time to sample another beer – cheers.

Windsor and Eton Brewery

Over the next 2+ hours Paddy guided us through the complete process of brewing beer. We not only sampled more beer at regular intervals but we tasted some of the raw ingredients, hops and malt etc., that provide the distinctive flavours, smells and tastes that make one beer different to another.

Windsor and Eton Brewery

My feelings, at the end of the tour, were that I had just spent a few hours in the company of a very dedicated and enthusiastic producer of quality Craft Beers. Long may this company continue to trade.

Windsor and Eton Brewery

If this blog inspires you to attend a tour there are a couple of things to remember :-
a) you should like beer (craft beer).
b) you should not take your car.

Windsor and Eton Brewery Windsor and Eton Brewery

Cheers!!! Oh! and the Brewery –

Windsor & Eton Brewery

Check it out.


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