Near the river (Thames).

Bank holiday weekend was variable as far as the weather was concerned. However, we managed a couple of hours of bliss walking in the piece and quiet around some grounds bordering the river Thames.

Starting with the siting of a Grebe that was foraging for vegetation to take back to it’s mate who was sitting on a nest contain two eggs (yes, we actually saw them).

Grebe foraging.

Quite near this location were a few row boats. However, they were minus anyone to use them.

All tied up.

Moving on from here we moved out into the countryside and found ourselves passing a tree that had been planted in memory of a loved one.

In memory.

At our furthest point we happened upon a slow stretch of water covered with duck weed. It looked just as though you could easily walk across it. No one tried!

See Green (duck weed).

On our way back and nearing the end of our walk we spotted an area set aside for picnickers. However, as you can see there was space for more.

Just waiting for you.


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3 Responses to Near the river (Thames).

  1. princessluck says:

    A great capture of the day!

  2. Simon Hardman says:

    Dear Traveller858

    Nice to see your post. Quite late for Grebe’s to be laying. Must be a second clutch or climate change!
    I’m just preparing for my next tour tomorrow. I was hoping to send you some photos from my recently planned trip to Vladivostok. Unfortunately I wasn’t granted a visa!

  3. traveller858 says:


    I must say that I assumed, to start with, that they (Grebes) were going through a mock courtship come nest building period. However, this was dismissed as we watched as the sitting bird stood up and turned the eggs (2) then continued the sitting.


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