A day in the rain.

How often have you marvelled at the autumn display. Many times I’m sure and with varying reasons. As children we loved the “conker” season and all those wonderful leaves to run and play in. As adults it was more to do with the magnificence of the colours. With these thoughts in mind I arranged to spend the day at Winkworth Arboretum, in Surrey, to take in the colours and enjoy a walk in the countryside.

Although the weather forecast was for rain the opportunity was too good to miss. True to form the rain started on arrival. However, this minor setback simply added and extra dimension to the day out.

I include a few shots showing just how the sparkle of rain drops can add to the overall atmosphere created within the woodland.

A practical tip – make sure your camera is suitably protected from damp, wet conditions.Winkworth Arboretum Winkworth Arboretum 5 Winkworth Arboretum 4 Winkworth Arboretum 3 Winkworth Arboretum 2 Winkworth Arboretum 1


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5 Responses to A day in the rain.

  1. LaurenKate says:

    Some amazing pictures! Autumnal colours are so wonderful, i personally thing its the prettiest time of year.

    What camera do you use for your photos?


  2. Beautiful fall colors. Fall is my favorite season. Stopped by to visit your nice blog.

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