Muddy Walk

Certainly the past few weeks (months) have provided us with enormous amounts of water in the form of rain. This may mean that we won’t have hosepipe bans imposed on us in the summer (fingers crossed) but that does seem a long way off at present. On the positive side it has been very warm and created a false spring for many plants. Daffodils and snow drops are looking a picture at the moment. Lets just hope that there are many more to come!

Feeling the need to get out for a walk, regardless of the weather, it was decided to visit one of my favourite National Trust properties, Greys Court, in Oxfordshire. This property offers, not only, a wonderful house but superb grounds to walk in. One of the walks takes in open fields and woodland and meanders for some 1.75 miles (2.7 Kms) until arriving back at the cafe where you can enjoy a cup of tea (other drinks and food available).

So here goes on the “muddy trail”.

Muddy WalkMuddy Walk 1Muddy Walk 5Muddy Walk 3Muddy Walk 2Muddy Walk 4Muddy Walk 6

Now we are near the end of the walk. Snow Drops greet us just before we climb the hill to the cafe and a well earned drink.


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4 Responses to Muddy Walk

  1. Simon P Hardman says:

    May have been muddy but it looks like a beautiful, sunny mid-winters day. The best kind of any season.

  2. Jim Grey says:

    Great photos — ones I’d never get, because I hate walking in the mud!

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